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The integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Program:

As TEXAN ENVIPCO group of companies, manufacturing and
operating automated rewarding recycling machines of cutting-edge
American technology, of plastic, metal and glass packaging, we
implement the unique and innovative integrated Corporate Social
Responsibility Program and we donate € 1.000.000 to support
important actions for:

1. environment
2. education
4.local community

Eligible entities:

The Call for participation is addressed to:

  • research groups
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Local Government Organizations of A' and B' degree
  • Non-profit entities
  • And other legal entities of public law
  • companies – spin-offs of a research organization
  • start-ups
  • other bodies that will prove they deserve to be assisted tocontribute to the Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Programobjectives

Initial Evaluation of Applications:

The initial evaluation of the submitted Applications will be carried out by the Evaluation Committee, composed of acknowledged scientists and individuals of wide acclaim.

The Evaluation Committee will select the 5 best proposals – projects per Program pillar by 16.1.2023.
You Cast the Vote and You Decide which proposals will receive our donation of € 1.000.000:

The top 5 proposals – projects per Program pillar will be uploaded on the Program’s website.

Participation Applications Submission Period:

Any Entity wishing to apply for funding should:

By 30.12.2022 at 15:00

For the 1st time in Greece:
You will vote, and you will decide
which proposals we will be funding.

The voting will run from 20.1.2023 to 20.2.2023 on the Program’s website and the results will be announced on 27.2.2023.

Any proposal, in each of the 4 Program pillars, which will receive the majority of votes, will be the winner and will be funded under the TEXAN ENVIPCO Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

The implementation progress of the 4 selected proposals will be presented on the Program’s website, so that you can be informed and keep track of the results of these proposals and their important contribution to all of us!


Download the participation application form, complete it, and send
it using the form below “APPLY”.
Should you have a problem or a question, please contact us at



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